Ruffle My Feathers

Parrotdise Feather Earrings
Baby Bear Ring
Silver Heart Sparkle Ring
Clown Collar Shirt New Look
Vest Top Unknown
Ruffle Skirt Next
Patent Shoeboots Mulberry
Tights Primark

First things first, how did the Easter Holidays come around so fast?? Not that we’re quite there yet, but it feels like Christmas happened two blinks ago – this year is going by so quickly! I will be putting together some unique little Easter gift ideas over at so keep an eye out of you’re looking for something special for a special someone : )

I bought this shirt back in the Summer, and have been wearing it a lot lately. Now the weather’s warmer, I can justify wearing a half-see through shirt – up until now its simply been far too cold, and I wouldn’t want to hide it under a big jumper because its one of my favourite items at the moment. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it this summer, for sure!

I’m so excited to be back in Somerset in a couple of months, where I’ll be moving in with two of my best friends (I’m very excited about this!) and will be converting my old room in my parents’ house into my Cherry Humbug office – my room is a little bit chaotic at the moment, it has truly been taken over by all of my stock! Its worth it though, I’m really enjoying sourcing fun jewellery for you all to enjoy!

I’m off to watch Dirty Dancing now with my uni housemates, cue ‘Time Of My Life’ and those dodgy mullets… see you soon everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful week : ) xxx

P.S Shout out to my housemate Gemma, since it was her turn to get roped into taking these pictures for me; and a very good job she did too… thanks Gem if you’re reading this!

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