Polka Dot Shirt Charity Shop
Skirt New Look
Faux Suede Boots Primark
Tights Tesco
Lipstick Mystic by Sleek Make Up

Hey everyone! First off, I just want to say sorry if these photos look a bit ‘overly Photoshopped’ – as with any others that look that way on the blog, often the light in the photographs requires a fair bit of colour correction, and since I’m still using my old Canon 400D I struggle a bit to get good resolution/quality at 620px wide without images being grainy – hence the Photoshopping!

In other news, my *NEW* camera arrived today, yay! I made the foolish mistake of thinking the kit lens from my 400D would fit my 5D Mark II, which means for the time being I only have my 50mm lens and no remote control = out of focus self timer photos! So, I’m sticking with my 400D until I can get my hands on my remote (which I forgot to bring to Somerset from my uni house in Rochester, oops!) which is a little bit annoying because I’ve been so excited about using my new one, but hey ho : ) and on the plus side, I managed to find a tripod which isn’t broken which is a huge help! ❤

As for the outfit, the polka dot shirt was a charity shop find, and for something like £3.50 it was a definite bargain! If you're a follower of my blog, you'll probably realise by now that I quite like polka dots, haha. The skirt was a gift from one of my best friends Charlie; she didn't think it suited her so she donated it to me, which I'm really happy about because I'd been eyeing these skirts up in New Look over Christmas, and burnt orange is a colour I really love – a match made in heaven, you could say? I love the 60's vibe it gives off. The boots are a few years old, but still a favourite item of mine – I get quite a lot of compliments on them, and no one ever believes me when I say they were only £15 from Primark! See ladies, there's solid proof that people can't generally tell how much of a cheapskate you might be! Haha : )

I'm currently planning my first video post – woohoo! I've been wanting to do one for such a long time, and so in celebration of the new camera I think its about time it happened, what do you think? Feeling a little bit nervous; its easy enough posting photos up, but there's a lot more to think about when it comes to talking to a camera without sounding like a loser… we'll see how it goes!

Don't forget, you can follow Cherry Humbug through Bloglovin’, just click this link! Catch you later guys, hope its as sunny where you are as it is here! x


Sunday Lust List #6

01. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a couple of bow ties for a while now to wear with my favourite shirts; I usually just tie a sash or piece of ribbon into a bow under my collar, but I think bow ties can make for a more unusual and androgynous look. I couldn’t decide between a hot pink shade, or a jade green/teal colour, so I thought I’d put both up. They would both look great with a cute patterned shirt and a blazer, such as the striped Topshop one pictured above, don’t you think??

02. I’m pretty much obsessed with scarf print garments at the moment, and feel like this is a trend that I’ve been waiting to get my hands on for forever! As I said on my last lust list, I’m a huge fan of the 90’s Versace throwback trend that’s going on, and think that these shorts would look super cute with a collared shirt and a bow tie, with the striped blazer for a sweet little summer ensemble.

03. There are two pairs of Melissa shoes I’m lusting over at the moment, and these Jason Wu collaboration pair are the first. The burgundy colour is perfect for me, as I really wearing love jewel tones all year round. I feel like its about time I get my hands on some jellies-for-grown-ups, because of how much I used to love wearing them when I was younger; old habits die hard, eh?! And with the little bow and cute owl emblem, they would make for a nice practical yet fun addition to a lot of outfits!

04. As far as my eye make up goes, I’m quite unadventurous and like to stick to a smoky eye when I’m getting made up for a night out etc. This palette that I saw in Boots not only has cute packaging, but is affordable at around £4 and has a good number of shades that can be used to create variations of that classic smoky look; albeit adding a little bit of a dusky pink, or perhaps a midnight blue to the equation… perfect! I’ve got to say too that I’m not a huge believer in spending lots of money on make up. In my experience it all generally does the same thing, and since I rarely ever spend more than £5 on one item, this does the job for an agreeable price : )

05. I’ve been craving a preppy Ralph Lauren-esque blazer in my wardrobe for quite some time now. I’m a huge fan of blazers because they can really transform a boring outfit into something that looks sophisticated yet stylish. I’m also a huge fan of mustard-yellow, so when I stumbled upon this Topshop creation it was pretty much love at first sight. At £60, I feel that the price tag is a bit too steep for a staight forward blazer like this one (particularly since Topshop is a high street brand – admittedly I really only ever buy from Topshop when a sale’s on!) but I’ll be keeping my eye out for similar styles that won’t set me back quite as many pennies.

06. One of my biggest wardrobe-regrets is that it doesn’t contain more playsuits. I often find myself having conflicting views over playsuits; they look so good, but yet can be rather a struggle on a night out/for day wear etc because its essentially an all-in-one, which for excursions to the toilet makes for quite an impractical time! My fellow playsuit wearing ladies will know what I mean… nonetheless, everything about this playsuit is wonderful, and I would happily stick out any of the playsuit-related irritations if it meant I could get my hands on this – I love it!

Sunday Lust List #5

01. Being from the countryside, I’m quite a practical girl when it comes down to it (I walk far too fast to be trotting around in heels all day!) and I’m currently on the lookout for the perfect pair of flats – and I think I’ve found them in these Marc by Marc Jacobs mousey creations; although these are anything but mousey in my opinion; they’re so much fun! I really have a thing for animal inspired fashions (you’ll know that by now if you’ve visited!) I’m not sure I can afford the £150-ish price tag, but I’ve spotted some good lookalikes on eBay so I could be in luck, we’ll see. I would love to be able to own the real thing though, because I find it hard to get unique/unusual looking flats that I like, that will last a good amount of time; I’ll be praying for a lottery win in the next few weeks, these are the most perfect flats I’ve ever clapped eyes on! Siiigh.

02. Speaking of lottery wins, some spare cash would certainly come in handy when it comes to kitting myself out with a Chanel 2.55. Whilst I appreciate the classic black 2.55, I have been lusting after this pineapple-yellow variation for a long time now. I seem to remember one of my first ever blog posts, around 5 years ago, was about this beauty! I have never seen it in person, but I think if I did I would fall more in love with it than before, so that’s probably a good thing! I’ve come to realise that I’m not really into black bags, I like colour too much, so this would be perfect.

03. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything patent, and this heart-buckle belt would be a great way of adding a colour-pop to my summer outfits. I love to use accessories as a way of updating and re-wearing outfits, because contrary to popular belief, not all bloggers buy new clothes all the time – I’m one of them! I’m quite thrifty and think that a good accessory can be an inexpensive way of updating a look, and block colour pieces can be really versatile year round, too.

04. First of all I want to emphasise the fact that I’m not being paid/encouraged in any way to endorse Sleek Make Up, and that I genuinely am really impressed with the products I’ve bought from their range. I now have lipsticks ‘Mystic’ and ‘Vamp’, and love how rich in pigment their shades are for just £3.99, such a great bargain in my opinion – I’m quite addicted to lipstick at the moment! I would also love to add ‘Papaya Punch’ to my collection, in time for summer, now I have a great red wine shade sorted. My next mission is to find a vibrant, summery orange to add to my make up bag, and if the others are anything to go by, this could be the one!

05. One of my favourite trends is the throwback to 90’s Versace prints. I love the irony of wearing items that are ‘delightfully tacky’, and I feel like this River Island top could be the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. The colours make my eyes pop out in a fit of euphoria, and with the addition of the regal looking leopards, as well as a splash of baroque print, this top combines an irresistible mix of all of my favourite styles… I’m going to have a hard time resisting this, I can tell… *faints*

06. I’ve been hankering after a pair of denim hotpants for the last 3-4 summers, but have never quite found a pair that are ‘me’ – I’m not a huge fan of blue/grey/black denim, (for years now I’ve been a jean-dodger) and the jeans I finally have started to wear are brightly coloured; so as you can imagine, when I stumbled across these dip dyed ones, I felt as if the trend had finally swung my way! I think the shorts would look amazing paired up with the rest of the items in this post, a combination that I can pretty much say would be my perfect summer festival outfit… Glastonbury, I miss you.

07. A huge fan of costume jewellery, how could I not love these Miu Miu earrings? With stones in my favourite shade of jade green, for me its the jewels that are often the crowning glory of an outfit. Again, the price tag dictates that these are slightly out of my reach, which is fine because I’m hoping to find the solution to this in; my mission to supply great costume jewellery, for a more affordable price point… check it out!

The Dog Days Are Over…

I often find it strange, being on a Fashion Promotion course, that I don’t post more of my university work on my blog. Its the whole eternal issue of never being 100% happy with my own work that stops me posting these kinds of things usually, and often once its finished, and I look back at it a couple of months later I can pick at least 20 different things I’d have done differently!

That said, one shoot I am still really happy with was for my first 3rd year project, called Lifestyle Communications. The accessory I chose to ‘create’ for my project was a bicycle for Mulberry. I did the photo shoot with a couple of my funnest friends up at Kilver Court Gardens; a place which to me, is like a fantastical haven that exists somewhat like a secret garden. Needless to say, the gardens are absolutely beautiful, and the perfect place to spend happy times outside in the sunshine during the summer!

I chose the location also because Mulberry founder Roger Saul owns the gardens, as well as Kilver Court which boasts a cute collection of shops far away from the usual kind of thing you might usually find in Shepton Mallet. It was a great pleasure to be able to shoot in such a wonderful place, and I really enjoyed the shoot! Some of you may not know that Photography is one of my favourite hobbies (although I don’t consider myself a photographer by any means because I leg it at the sight of non-digital cameras, and enjoy it more as a hobby than an art form!) so whenever the chance to do a shoot for a project comes up I always want to get stuck in and snap it myself. It was fun editing this shot in my own way, rather than trying to keep it ‘Mulberry-esque’ – which is why there is no branding on it!

The one thing I would change, would be that I would’ve loved to have had a wicker basket on the front of the bicycle – as a student, sometimes my budget restrains what I can do prop-wise, and this was the case here! My model Sarah did a sterling job though (don’t you think?) and will be working with me again as the face of my new business venture which I’m super duper excited about!

I also shot a video to accompany my photographic campaign, which on watching again needs a lot of refining, and the contrast needs correcting (do you see what I mean about these horrible afterthoughts?) but we had a good time shooting it so I thought I’d share it with you all so you can see what I’ve been upto in my time away from blogging!

Katie’s Nail Art Tutorial #1

French Bulldog Ring Cherry Humbug

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Cherry Humbug’s resident nail artiste, and a great friend of mine Katie (we share the same name, it must be fate, right?) who is going to be doing some great little nail art tutorials for you to enjoy, and perhaps have a go at doing yourself! This girl is a bit of a pro where nails are concerned (the first ever nail art I had was indeed done by Katie!) and she has kindly offered to create designs to compliment some of the great statement rings I have over at Anyway, enough from me… we hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial!

1. Nail art is big news, and you can’t leave a gorgeous ring on unpolished nails (like mine here!) I’m gonna show you a simple way to update your nails that complements our french bulldog perfectly.

2. I colour matched a polish to the diamante eyes, which happened to be ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj for OPI. There are plenty of similar teal colours around on the high street too.

3. I chose a nice harmonised selection of colours, from left to right: Models Own in Clear (very important to use as a base and top coat!), Elegant Touch french manicure white tip (but you could use any white), good old Barry M in blue glitter, ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj OPI, and trusty Models Own x WAH pens (the old style, mine are particularly haggard)…

4. Having applied base coat, start by painting your nails white except for the fourth finger, which is painted teal. Make sure to do two coats because otherwise it looks too see through. Leave LOADS of drying time between the two coats, as long as you can stand! Have a cup of tea or something.

5. After it’s completely dry, dot some of the teal using the brush onto white areas, about this far apart, and don’t be too precious about the size or shape of dots.

6. Use your black nail art pen (or black liquid eyeliner, black tar mixed onto an old cotton bud or whatever the hell else you’re using) and dot in thick liney shapes around each teal blob. It shouldn’t be too rigid, try and make it as natural as possible, i.e. mistakes won’t look as bad as you think! You can also do this carefully with a regular black nail polish… just use the side of the brush.

7. Repeat for every other white nail and you should end up with this, ta-da! You can leave it as that if you don’t have nail art pens/ can’t be getting too fiddly – otherwise, read on…

8. Now for the trickier bit. Use a thin brush with white nail paint (like the one inside your nail pen) to brush a thicker line and two smaller ones onto the teal.

9. Join the two smaller lines with the white pen doing zig zags.

10. Use the black pen very carefully to add 2 more lines, a roman pattern if you feel brave and some dots. Easy once you get the hang of it.

11. If you require glitter on everything like me, then dot a bit of the Barry M glitter onto the leopard spots and across the tip of your tribal nail. This is also great because tiny bits of glitter are much easier to soak off than fully covered nails (which are a nightmare).

12. Bit of top coat and you’re finished! Really brings out the blue in his eyes, doesn’t it?

Thank you Katie! Check back soon for the next tutorial – I’m definitely excited : ) see you soon!

Sunday Lust List #4

01. There’s not much more to say other than I am OBSESSED with these Miss Guided wedges. I don’t often buy shoes, but I do occasionally find myself getting fixated on certain pairs. In the soft gold, they are perfectly glitzy without being too trashy – although I can’t say I’m that afraid of a bit of tack every now and then! The best part is that at £34.99 I’d say they are very affordable, we’ll see how long I can resist, eh?

02. I am constantly wearing Barry M nail varnishes, and have been for over a year now! The colours are so bright, vibrant and fun, and unlike other brands, Barry M polishes don’t chip that quickly – which is great for people like me who are a bit lazy with their nails at times! I am longing to add these truly lustworthy shades to my collection: Aqua Blue, Fuchsia and Racing Green.

03. I popped into New Look a few weeks back and spotted this cute little owl coin purse out of the corner of my eye. Needless to say, I rushed on over to it straight away and ‘awwed’ at him for a while, such a little cutie! I have to give kudos to New look because some of the things I’ve seen in there lately are indistinguishable from some of the current Topshop items, but a lot cheaper, they’re on their way up!

04. Speaking of Topshop, I’m a sucker for an A-line skirt… particularly pink ones! This pastel shade, pleated one is right up my street, and would look great with some white cable knit knee high socks, and the Miss Guided wedges… too perfect for words.

05. I can’t quite tell you how impressed I am with Sleek Make Up. I bought their lipstick in ‘Mystic’ a few weeks ago, and have been wearing it religiously ever since! For such an affordable brand, their colours are highly pigmented and have great staying power. For just £4 a pop (major bargain alert!) I can tell I’ll be buying many more shades in the future!

06. What would a lust list be without a dream-designer item thrown in? I’m currently obsessed with fur, particularly in this great shade of nude-pink. This bag would be the perfect accessory for any summer outfit in my opinion! Miuccia if you’re reading this… call me : )

07. Remaining true to my love of Apple products, the iPad would be the perfect solution for my travels back and forth between Kent and my home town in Somerset. I adore my Macbook like you wouldn’t believe, but to be able to have all of the power in a tablet as light and slick as this, I would be crazy not to be hankering after one of these babies! Genius.

08. Motel always has something fun and colourful to offer, and the moment I saw this ‘Rita’ playsuit I was in love! The print works so well in this amazing shade of jade green, and again, it would look amazing with those Miss Guided wedges… are you sensing a pattern here?! Either way, this playsuit is just so much fun, I would love to add it to my summer wardrobe!


Glasses and Earrings Cherry Humbug
Clown Collar Shirt New Look
Sparkly Black Top Charity Shopped
Lipstick ‘Mystic’ by Sleek Make Up

First of all I apologize for my nicely chipped nail varnish! I am really in love with Barry M colours at the moment, and have been wearing them almost exclusively for a year now – the colours add such a great splash of colour to any outfit! I remember working at our local supermarket when I was younger, and how much I hated not being able to paint my nails loud, lairy colours, so I’ve been making up for it ever since, you could say…

I know I’m not alone in admiring the fashions of Mad Men, and these glasses help me to express my love of those retro trends Betty Draper and the other ladies pull off so well. With a little bit of added sparkle, these Cat Eye Glasses are great for making a sophisticated statement and for ‘smarting’ up any outfit – I feel like a 60s secretary when I wear them!

You might have noticed that I’ve got yet another new hair colour – in my school days I could never make up my mind about whether I wanted dark or light hair, and I guess that indecisiveness didn’t really ever fade! I am currently sporting a shade of Black Cherry, after growing bored of increasingly lifeless natural golden brown hue. This is one of my favourite shades from my teens, and it feels good to be re-visiting! I’m also wearing my current favourite lipstick, which at £3.99 was an absolute steal, as it has a lot of staying power and the perfect amount of pigmentation for my liking, excellent!

I’m really excited to announce that has now officially launched! I have been dreaming of the day I start my own business venture, and now just felt like the right time to seize the day – I hope you’ll enjoy browsing and perhaps you’ll find something special along the way : )

Katie xoxox