For Sale! Zebra Print Denim Shorts

Zebra Print Denim Shorts Size 8/36 £9 including P+P

I’m going to be selling some bits and bobs through the blog from now on – any little things I think you’ll like that aren’t quite right for me, will be getting put on here – who knows, along the way you might find something special?! As for these Zebra Print Shorts, I would love to wear them myself, but I’m a little bit curvier than a Size 8 will allow, which is why I am re-homing them : )

They would look absolutely fab in the summer, worn to a festival with a slouchy graphic tee and some Hunter wellies! Alternatively, if you’re a bit more of a girlie girl, why not pair them up with a block coloured peter pan collar shirt tucked in… rf if you’re feeling a little more bold, why not clash the print with florals? Paired with some cute little brogues they would look perfect! Animal prints come around again every summer, and are great for adding a touch of grunge to any outfit; meaning that you could get a lot of wear out of these babies! I can’t see what the label says but I’m guessing they’re a high street brand.

If you are interested in adding them to your wardrobe, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or simply drop me an e-mail via the link in the sidebar!

Exclusive! Motel Rocks Sale Sneak Peak

Psss… need a new outfit for the weekend?? The Motel Rocks Sale begins tomorrow, but thanks to the lovely ladies at Motel, Cherry Humbug readers can start shopping the sale *early* – that means you’ll get first pick of all of the wonderful items, and can make sure you get your hands on that bargain buy before anyone else snaps it up! Simple : )

Head on over to via one of the links in this post, and fill your boots with bargains before the Sale goes live tomorrow for everyone else… not bad eh?! Happy shopping ladies!

Cherry Humbug Spring/Summer 2012

I’m so sorry that I’ve been a bit flaky for the past few weeks in terms of blogging, my final university hand in is coming up in just under two weeks, which means I’m a little stacked up with work at the moment! Luckily, my Final Major Project ties in with my new business venture, which means I’ve been having lots of fun putting together my first ever ad campaign, as well as a promotional video and brand brochure – all of which will be coming together in the next few weeks! So keep your eyes peeled : )

I was lucky enough to shoot at one of my absolutel favourite locations, Kilver Court Gardens once again; the perfect little paradise for the creatures of Cherry Humbug to come to life in! As usual, it was a joy working with my beautiful friend Sarah, who is the first ever face of Cherry Humbug – doesn’t she look beautiful in the images?? We had fun munching on pink donuts, frolicking in the sun, and it was great fun for me to be able to style Sarah up exactly how I wanted to, and to see my ideas come to life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures so far – there will be more coming soon! This is only the beginning for Cherry Humbug, as I will be continuing to work on the brand when I graduate this summer – I’m really excited to be able to put all of my energies into creating something that I am passionate about, and that I hope will turn into really fun and dazzling for you all to enjoy!

P.S I will be running a competition on Cherry Humbug’s Facebook page when I hit 200 ‘Likes’, so don’t miss out, there could be some freebies in it for you!


Sealion and Flowers Ring
Aqua and Pearl Earrings
Silk and Lace Top Monsoon
Sparkle Patterned Jacket Charity Shop
Camel Skirt Primark
Patent Shoeboots Primark
Tights Tesco
Baroque Sunglasses eBay

I realised lately that most of my favourite clothes comes from charity shops, so for the time being, having not much money works for me because it means I can look for some thrifty finds when I’m out, instead of heading straight for somewhere a little more expensive! That said, this skirt is from Primark, and was in the sale for £5 – am I the only one who finds it unbelievable that Primark even has a sale?? Its so cheap to begin with, it seems crazy to me!

Anyway, this little jacket (I’m not quite sure what to call it!) was a £3.50 charity find, I love the pattern detail as well as the splashes of sparkle that glitter in the sun. I really love pieces like this that can smarten up an outfit, and think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it this summer; the short sleeves mean I can wear it over my summer dresses, without looking too bulky. Also, for all of you in the UK, you’ll be able to empathise with the fact that the weather can be a bit up and down, which means if it does get a bit chillier, this will serve as a good extra layer that won’t be too much, when the sun goes in – great! For £3.50 this is a definite steal, I would say.

I would urge all of you to have a rummage around your local charity shops; I’ve had some really great finds in the last couple of years, and often the clothes are cheap enough that you can make alterations if the fit isn’t quite right, without worrying about ruining an expensive garment! There are always those certain gems that are out to be found, too, which makes it all the more satisfying when you find them. Also, not to mention, the money is going to a good cause… so don’t be afraid to charity shop, there’s nothing frumpy/old ladyish about it, and you could end up saving yourself quite a bit of money when it comes to making fun new additions to your wardrobe!

Peace out for now everyone xxx


Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL for the last week or so, I’m in my final year of uni as most of you will know which means I have a lotttt of work to be getting on with! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make some more time for the blog over the next few weeks because I’ve been missing using my new camera, which is probably why today I had the urge to make this little video : )

The sun was out and shining, and it was nice and warm, so I thought I’d take some of the animals out in the garden to play with me! I’m going to be making a proper video for my new business venture Cherry Humbug tomorrow, but thought I would have a little play around today – say hello to my little friends! I am really excited to be graduating from university soon so I can make more videos, and do more photo shoots and anything else that takes my fancy – at the moment I am currently doing a lot of reading so I can write my marketing report, which I’m actually finding quite interesting… but let’s be honest, videos and are much more fun, right?!

I hope you like it! I’ll be doing an outfit post tomorrow, so, see you then – I hope you’ve all had a great Easter weekend and managed to eat all the chocolate you wanted!

Katie xoxox