Sealion and Flowers Ring
Aqua and Pearl Earrings
Silk and Lace Top Monsoon
Sparkle Patterned Jacket Charity Shop
Camel Skirt Primark
Patent Shoeboots Primark
Tights Tesco
Baroque Sunglasses eBay

I realised lately that most of my favourite clothes comes from charity shops, so for the time being, having not much money works for me because it means I can look for some thrifty finds when I’m out, instead of heading straight for somewhere a little more expensive! That said, this skirt is from Primark, and was in the sale for £5 – am I the only one who finds it unbelievable that Primark even has a sale?? Its so cheap to begin with, it seems crazy to me!

Anyway, this little jacket (I’m not quite sure what to call it!) was a £3.50 charity find, I love the pattern detail as well as the splashes of sparkle that glitter in the sun. I really love pieces like this that can smarten up an outfit, and think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it this summer; the short sleeves mean I can wear it over my summer dresses, without looking too bulky. Also, for all of you in the UK, you’ll be able to empathise with the fact that the weather can be a bit up and down, which means if it does get a bit chillier, this will serve as a good extra layer that won’t be too much, when the sun goes in – great! For £3.50 this is a definite steal, I would say.

I would urge all of you to have a rummage around your local charity shops; I’ve had some really great finds in the last couple of years, and often the clothes are cheap enough that you can make alterations if the fit isn’t quite right, without worrying about ruining an expensive garment! There are always those certain gems that are out to be found, too, which makes it all the more satisfying when you find them. Also, not to mention, the money is going to a good cause… so don’t be afraid to charity shop, there’s nothing frumpy/old ladyish about it, and you could end up saving yourself quite a bit of money when it comes to making fun new additions to your wardrobe!

Peace out for now everyone xxx

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