Cherry Humbug Spring/Summer 2012

I’m so sorry that I’ve been a bit flaky for the past few weeks in terms of blogging, my final university hand in is coming up in just under two weeks, which means I’m a little stacked up with work at the moment! Luckily, my Final Major Project ties in with my new business venture, which means I’ve been having lots of fun putting together my first ever ad campaign, as well as a promotional video and brand brochure – all of which will be coming together in the next few weeks! So keep your eyes peeled : )

I was lucky enough to shoot at one of my absolutel favourite locations, Kilver Court Gardens once again; the perfect little paradise for the creatures of Cherry Humbug to come to life in! As usual, it was a joy working with my beautiful friend Sarah, who is the first ever face of Cherry Humbug – doesn’t she look beautiful in the images?? We had fun munching on pink donuts, frolicking in the sun, and it was great fun for me to be able to style Sarah up exactly how I wanted to, and to see my ideas come to life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures so far – there will be more coming soon! This is only the beginning for Cherry Humbug, as I will be continuing to work on the brand when I graduate this summer – I’m really excited to be able to put all of my energies into creating something that I am passionate about, and that I hope will turn into really fun and dazzling for you all to enjoy!

P.S I will be running a competition on Cherry Humbug’s Facebook page when I hit 200 ‘Likes’, so don’t miss out, there could be some freebies in it for you!

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