DIY Tutorial: Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

The Real Mccoy = £235 vs. DIY = £12. Need I say more??

You might remember that I got a little bit obsessed over these mousey chums courtesy of Mr Marc Jacobs when I spotted them a little while back? As much as I would love to be able to treat myself to the real mccoy, I have to admit that as a student, and a general normal person, I’m not really in a position to spend £235 on one pair of shoes. So! With that in mind, and imagining that there are more like minded ladies out there, on a budget, craving these sparkly beauties, I got a bit creative and have done what I can to re-create this look without having to blow big bucks for the honour.

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for aaaages now, but due to 3rd year university work, stress related illness, and general wiped-out-ness from dissertation and final major project, I’ve been a bit lazy – but we got there in the end : ) Happy creating, my little Mouseketeers!

1. To start with, you will need a pair of shoes to transform! I really fell in love with the gold glitter versions of the MJ Mouse flats, which is why I chose this pair. You can find all kinds of brand new ballet flats cheaply on eBay, which is where I got these ones from.

2. You will need: Fabric (for the ears and nose), Rhinestones (for the eyes), Some plastic thread (for the whiskers), a form of adhesive (I’m using my trusty old glue gun!) and of course, scissors! I am using some fabric I cut off from a tote bag that I had lying around in my room, but you can use whatever you want as long as it’ll stick to the shoes etc with the adhesive method you’re going with : ) The idea with the tutorial is to be thrifty, so by all means use something you already have if you think it’d be suitable – or if not, you can always get some materials together cheaply elsewhere!

3. You can’t see the thread very well in the other photograph, so this will show you better what I mean (I hope!) if you can’t see it.

4. The first thing you need to do is to decide where you want the eyes to go. This is essentially down to you! I have spaced mine about fingers’ width apart, and have dotted them on with a dry wipe marker. This kind of marker is good because you can rub off the dot if you want to move it somewhere else, as I had to do once or twice!

5. You will now need to cut out some little semi-circles to make the ears with. You will need 4 of these, to make 2 ears for each mouse – unless your mouse is a little anatomically challenged of course, haha : ) The semi-circles I made are approximately 3cm high x 1.5cm wide, but it really is down to individual interpretation, as well as the size/style of your shoe!

6. In order to create the folded over ears, you will need to fold the semi-circle in half, glue/sew/bondaweb (or whatever it is you’re doing!) along the long, straight edge of the fabric, and glue them so they look less like shapes and more like little mousey ears!

7. Now’s the time to see the mice take shape, with the addition of the ears. Simply attach it to the shoe from the smaller edge so that the majority of the ear stands off of the shoe, like ears do!

8. Now is time for the finishing touch, the nose and whiskers! I opted not to put the whiskers on in the end, but if you want to use them you can simply cut them to size and stick them to the back of the noses before they are attached to the shoe. All you need to do is cut out a couple of pieces of material that look like this, and glue them on to the tip of the shoe. I’m not really how to describe them shape wise, but they will look perfect as a nose for your little friends : ) ta da!

I’m going to stitch around the noses and ears when I get some more time (and a thimble!) so as to give them a little bit more staying power. I am planning on wearing these shoes so I want to make sure I won’t potentially be walking the high street with an earless mouse – that’s no good for anyone is it? Least of all the mouse…

If you’d like to have a go at it yourself, here are a few affordable shoe suggestions, all found on eBay! 1, 2, 3, 4.

P.S If any of you give this a go, I would LOVE to see your creations : ) if you do, feel free to Tweet me with a nice picture of them!

7 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

  1. I did this DIY yesterday! I’ve put the pictures of my DIY on my blog, I did refer to your blog of course as I found the DIY here! Thanks for the amazing idea! xo Saskia

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