Sunday Lust List #8

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but River Island is definitely my favourite high street shop. I’ve had some free time on my hands now my degree is finito (yay!) and was browsing the website last night; with too many pieces I luuurve, I couldn’t choose just 1 or 2 items I liked, so I decided to put together a whole River Island themed Lust List this week! Also, River Island haven’t contacted me about doing this or anything (all of the items from past lust lists have been put there purely by my own accord, too!) just incase this looks like a PR jobby/sponsored post – I’m a genuine RI fan through and through and have been for a long time, pinky promise! : )

1. I think I’ve waffled on enough in past Lust Lists over how obsessed I am with baroque/scarf/chain print, or whatever else you want to call it… and paired with a dash of dalmation print (puppy friendly, might I add!) this dress is pretty damn groovy if you ask me!

2. I have this skirt in Hot Pink, which I bought in the sales around Christmas. I’ve pretty much been wearing it with everything, and with the amount of material involved in this case, I’d say for a high street item its a bit of a steal – the cut is really flattering too!

3. I’ve never been one to turn down a Fruit Salad chew sweet (remember those tangy delights?!) so when I see an item of clothing co-ordinated to the colours of a favourite sugary treat, who am I to resist? Also, I’m a huge fan of Hot Pink lately, and alongside orange I would have to say this is one of my favourite colour combos! I’m also surprised that I only own 2 or 3 playsuits, so I feel this would be a worthy addition to my wardrobe.

4. Currently on the hunt for some new ‘going out shoes’, these perspex platforms are more than edgy enough to tide me over and keep any outfit interesting, and black is always a safe bet as far as shoes go, for someone who doesn’t like to buy heels that often!

5. Because who doesn’t love some kind of crazy/clashy print as an addition to their summer wardrobe??

6. This is an idea I wish I’d thought of, and I think its genius! I’m a big fan of mini-skirts, but not so much a fan of the whole bending down and revealing my knickers to the world… so what could be better than a skirt that shows a bit of leg at the front, but helps you save your dignity whilst allowing a dramatic entrance every time? plus, this is my favourite colour and reminds me of a waterfall… little things please little minds, right?

7. This clutch not only looks sparkly and fab, but it has a chain strap too – perfecto! I’m not one to be trusted with handle-less clutch bags, because inevitably unless a bag is attached to me in some shape or form, it won’t be going home with me, which means bye bye mobile phone and purse, and a lot of aggro to follow! I’m a huge fan of dazzling but practical items, so this is a match made in glitzy-bag heaven!

8. Scalloped edge blazer?? YES PLEASE. Not because I want to be jumping on any bandwagons, but I am a huge huuge fan of smart casual with a bit of a quirky edge, and isn’t the colour gorgeous? Anyone wearing this would certainly stand out in any dull and dreary boardroom, I love it!

9. Because sunglasses are fashion’s gift to those of us who’s eye make up refuses to stay put all day, and because the perfect pair of sunnies are also an immediate lift as far as the glam factor goes… and most of all, because personally, I can never have too many pairs, and with a fun little retro pop can you really go wrong?

10. The UK is failing us miserably this year in terms of bringing some serious Spring sunshine… which means the tights are lingering around longer than ever before! So, the best way to counteract the annoyance of having to wear tights when you wish you could be frolicking bare legged, is to embrace all kinds of crazy patterns and have a field day with them. These striped creations may be a little more Beetlejuice than most, but if the fashion myth is true that vertical stripes are flattering, perhaps these could be the key to supermodel pins any day of the week? Bonsoir Beetlejuice… bonjour Victoria’s Secret Angel! *flips hair*

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