Sunday Lust List #9

1. I have been a firm fan of Butler and Wilson for a few years now, and when I spotted these dazzling beauties in a little shop in Wells a few weeks ago, I fell in love! A little bit out my price range perhaps, but that doesn’t have to stop me dreaming of them, right?!

2. This dress is a pink, sparkly, princessy dreaaam! I missed out on wearing these kinds of dresses when I was little, because I was such a fiend when it came to pretty outfits – as my poor mum can vouch for! Nonetheless, I would absolutely love to pair this up with the other accessories in this Lust List, and head off to a fun summer ball – a girl can dream 🙂

3. Ever the mermaid wannabe, I would love to be able to carry my essentials around in this cute little Zara Rhodes seashell clutch – perfect!

4. I seem to forever be on the hunt for the perfect heels – practicality always comes above looks when it comes to shoes, for me, which is always what stops me making that purchase; I am currently Carrie and Lucy’s house, which is full of pretty shoes, and am having some serious shoe envy, which is making me increasingly eager to update my collection!

5. I am currently starting to get a little bored of my usual smokey eye look for evenings out, and felt that some fun variation could come in the form of this forest green shade by Bourjois! I am very much an aesthetic-led kind of girl, and have always really loved the packaging of the Bourjois little Round Pots; I’m surprised that I don’t have more of them in my make up bag!

6. After having my last mascara on the go for round about a year, it has finally given up on me, sob sob! I’m always a little cynical as to whether mascaras can realllly be that different, brand to brand, but I’ve been hearing good things about Bad Gal Lashes by Benefit, and would like to give it a go sometime.

7. WOWWWW. This ring is too amazing for words! I’m hoping to be able to buy myself a little graduation treat in the next month or so, and this is currently top of my wish list! At around £30 I think that its pretty reasonable too – I can’t wait to pair it up with some of my favourite summer outfits : )

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