Sparkle Filled Dreams

Since one of my best friends, Jodie, introduced me to London based jewellery brand Butler and Wilson back in my first year at university, I have fallen head over heels in love with the loud, sparkly, colourful aesthetic that the brand exudes! Since then, I have been positively itching to get my hands on something for myself; my Sunday Lust Lists are a testament to this, as their collections are never short of pieces that I would gladly and proudly add to my jewellery box. When my mum and I stumbled upon Butler and Wilson pieces in a small boutique in Wells, in my home county of Somerset, she too was dazzled by the affordable extravagance that was on show, and sweetly offered to buy me something as a graduation present, which needless to say I was thrilled about!

Here are my picks… aren’t they wonderful?! I have been wearing both pieces every day since I bought them; even if they don’t particularly match my outfits, that seems to come secondary to wanting to exhibit my new bling! The goldfish ring was featured in my first ever Lust List which I posted almost a year ago, and which I never quite managed to forget about, so when I found the last one in the colour I liked, sitting there (in my size, it was fate!) amongst its fellow jewelled creatures, I couldn’t say no. The butterfly also really reminded me of the ring from my last Lust List, which I fell in love with immediately… there was no way I could resist a blown up, magnified version of this! I’m a sucker for unashamedly loud necklaces, too.

The South Molton Street store was pretty much my idea of heaven; the sparkliest store in London, I’m sure, and not unlike a magical grotto full of delightfully quirky and opulent treasures. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack on entering, and the thrill was also doubled with the prospect that I could actually buy something! If glitz is your thing, I would highly urge you to visit the store, just off of Bond Street (there is another on Fulham Road, too) if you’re ever in the area – you won’t regret it!

One of the many wonderful things about Butler and Wilson is the pricing; the sparkle:£ ratio is really impressive, so if you’re looking for flashy looking jewels on a budget, this is the place to go! Besides Cherry Humbug, of course… haha : ) in fact, I like to think of Cherry Humbug as the place to go if you can’t quite afford to get your paws on slightly pricier brands like Butler and Wilson and Tatty Devine just yet… but more on that later!

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