Sunday Lust List #10

1. I went to stay with Carrie last week, and whilst I was there this Topshop skirt arrived in the post for her. I’m a sucker for any kind of animal themed item, as I have said before, and have seen this print on trousers before – so I was quite excited by the prospect of a skirt in the same print. From what I’ve seen, it looks as if it’d be really comfortable and would be a great lightweight item for summer… as if I need any more excuses to want to buy it!

2. When it comes to shoes, I never really wear heels in the day because I walk so fast, and when I’m in heels it frustrates me that I can’t power along in the way I usually would! I think its true to say that these Vans are pretty popular at the moment, but that doesn’t really bother me, and I’d still like a pair for myself in this nice bright turquoise shade. I used to live in my Converse when I was younger, but since I got a bit curvier and started wearing skirts more often, I don’t really feel like they suit me anymore; because the Vans are more like the bog standard canvas shoes that I’ve had before from Primark, I think they would work well with the little skirts I wear!

3. Because it isn’t always about practicality, and because I’m still looking for a new pair of go-to-heels, now that my usual wedges are falling apart… I’m kind of in love with these ones from Boohoo. I love a good colourblock and think these colours are just splendid!

4. Lipstick is a definite staple for me at the moment in terms of my daily make up look, and now summer’s coming along I’m fancying something a little bit lighter and fresher looking than the usual shades of vibrant reds and purples I favour. I think this Rimmel one, that is part of the Kate Moss collection, would be quite nice just to add a bit of a pearlescent shine for the summer.

5. If perfumes were only a few pounds a bottle, I guarantee you that I would have a room full of them at home! Unfortunately, in reality, that isn’t the case, so really, I can only buy a new scent every now and then – and even then, I always end up asking for a bottle for Christmas instead of buying it myself. ‘Flowerbomb’ by that fabulously handsome duo, Viktor and Rolf, is one of my definite favourites that I don’t currently own, and I do enjoy a nice spritz whenever I see it in a shop. Hopefully I’ll own a bottle for myself, soon!

6. This little fishy is someone who really struck me senseless when I visited the Butler and Wilson store last week. At £498, he is more than a little out of my price range, but hey, that’s what lust lists are all about, right? I would love to be able to carry him in my hand, alongside my new goldfishy friend ring, that I bought on my visit – I think having the two would catapult me into my own little under the sea (everybody sing with me now, under the sea!) dream world!

7. I spotted this top in Therapy by House of Fraser when I visited Bluewater earlier in the week, and really wish the price had been reduced further so I could’ve bought it. With an RRP of £28, and even with the reduction to £14, I still felt it was a little pricey considering that the fabric is quite flimsy, and that essentially its quite a plain t-shirt. I know that probably makes me seen really stingey, but I like to be careful that I’m spending my money on the right things, for the right price, which I don’t think is a bad thing! Who knows, maybe it will come to me some day through a charity shop : )

2 thoughts on “Sunday Lust List #10

  1. I loved every item of your lustlist 🙂
    The swan skirt is just perfect!! 🙂 I saw a very similar top to nº 7 in Primark a few weeks ago 😉


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