The Modern Way

Scalloped Edge Tank Top Pilot
Velvet Skater Skirt Primark
Kitty Flats and Baroque Sunglasses eBay

Not one to be content with staying inside on beautiful sunny days, my friends Sian, Jodie,and I headed up to Rochester Castle to lounge about on the green that overlooks the River Medway, wanting to soak up a little sun and Vitamin D, and  generally make the most of the weather, because as you fellow Brits will know, there is no certainty about anything weather elated over here – and I’m glad we did, as the weather has been having crazy mood swings ever since! I find it a little bit mad that I haven’t spent more time up at the castle during my time at university in Kent, because I love being outdoors, and its an honour to live so close to such a beautiful, historic building; but then it makes sense, as I am mainly here for the winter months, and back in my home county of Somerset for the summer!

When I first started what I, at the time, called ‘photography’ I ended up overusing black and white (along with everyone else in my photography class, no doubt!) and have been a bit scared of it for a while now. But I want to keep the blog interesting, and I really like the way the greyscale shows up the crosses on my top, and the texture of my velvet skirt, plus… I haven’t had internet in my house for the week which means I’ve had much more time to fuss over my images in Photoshop, haha.

I will be moving back to Somerset properly soon, now that my time at university is over! This means that you can expect a post soon, with more shots on the place I have called my half-home for the last three years – it’d be a shame not to, whilst I’m still here, as there are some great little old fashioned shops up Rochester High Street that deserve some attention. The pictures I took of the castle itself on this particular day were a little bit too snap happy, and didn’t really capture the beauty of the castle to its full potential, which is why I haven’t put any up this time! Probably because we were more concerned with lazing about on the grass before the breeze got too chilly, but nonetheless, I’m eager to do some proper snapping another day so you will get to have a better peak at the castle in the next few days, no doubt : )

2 thoughts on “The Modern Way

  1. I wish the sun would come back for a day or two! That dress is ace, a really nice design. Also I must say your cat shoes in a previous post = love

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