BADgals go to Benefit!

Before BADgal…

After hearing various friends raving about Benefit’s BADgal Lash mascara, and having recently declared my tube of Bourjois ‘Liner Effect’ officially empty, I felt that it was about time I gave my lashes a dose of something new! They say that behind every good man is a great woman, behind every great fortune is a crime (I’ve never heard that one before, admittedly…!) and, now, it seems to be that behind every good blogger is the best friend who’s ready with that great little tip off when items from our Lust Lists become available as freebies; boom! My dedicated freebie-tracking, Coupon Queen pal, Sian, spotted BADgal Lash on my Sunday Lust List a couple of weeks back, and kindly informed me that Glamour magazine was once again honouring us with an array of sample size Benefit goodies, to add to our already undoubtedly overflowing make up bags. Bargain!

I don’t really do ‘Beauty’ posts on the blog, and I also can’t pretend to know anything all that much about beauty products and make up… but I do think a good honest before-and-after test is always a good way to spread the word if a product really is all that, and with all this semi-ridiculous post-production madness that they seem to do on mascara adverts these days, I thought it’d be good to show you the real deal so you can judge properly whether you want to buy a tube for yourself!

It may not make your lashes look like epic, long raven feathers, nor will it magically double your lash count either, in the same way that CGI/special-effect-virtual-reality mascara can… but BADgal is bang on if you’re looking for a some extra impact around the eye area, and with a few coats you can achieve something unclogged but dramatic, as you can see! I got to four coats (on the top lashes, three on the bottom) without any kind of cloggging occuring, and could’ve probably taken it a bit further too, but for a natural-ish day look, two would suffice and one coat does make a noticeable difference, too : )

I definitely think that BADgal deserves the Cherry Humbug ‘Seal of Approval’; if you want to see for yourself, as I said, you can pick up a copy of Glamour magazine for £2 and try it for yourself! Not bad at all. I’ll be picking up a few more copies before the month is out, that’s for sure!

3 thoughts on “BADgals go to Benefit!

  1. Oh how I wish such nice things would come along with the German Glamour mag as well! They only have horoscopes and sex tips booklets here instead, booo… 😉
    Anyway, I’ve heard much about this mascara and I think it might be worth trying for me too. I think I’ll try to find it on Ebay or so.

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  2. oooh I’m in the market for a new mascara at the moment so I may try this out! How is its staying power would you say? I have a terrible problem with panda eyes!

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