Sunday Lust List #11

A few weeks back, I did a River Island themed Lust List, and after a visit to House of Fraser in Bluewater, there are some dresses from Oasis that caught my eye that I’ve been thinking about and wanting to add to my summer wardrobe! With that in mind, I thought I would show you some of my favourites – I think I can safely say that I’m enjoying prints this summer, haha : ) quite a lot of my picks are sale items too, so have a look if you like, and see if anything catches your eye!

1. I’ve always liked the romanticism of the Orient, particularly cherry blossoms – and in all truth if anything has a cherry blossom on it I will most likely want to buy it… so this dress was an easy pick for me! I also really like the nude and grey combination with splashes of red, it keeps the design eye popping and bold without being too loud!

2. I think this dress is my favourite of them all! I can 100% imagine walking around a beautiful island such as Hawaii in this little number… or even if I don’t make it out of the UK, it would help me pretend I was somewhere a little more tropical! I really love bird prints (even if that concept has become a little cliche by now, I don’t mind one bit!) and the fact that the hummingbirds are a little more oversized really sells it for me. Plus, it also helps that this shade of aqua/jade happens to be my favourite colour… I’m sold!

3. Because in our heads, we all dream of re-enacting those poetic scenes in movies; frolicking through the meadows at dusk, this dress is elegant and floaty enough to be the perfect costume choice for such things! I know that I definitely love the idea of wearing floaty dresses in the summer because they just seem so romantic, and light fabrics never go amiss, even if the UK climate isn’t exactly sizzling! I also really like this delicate vintage inspired bird print, and personally I think it makes the dress look more high end than high street.

4. The great thing about prints is that you can use them to explore all the different sides of your personality. For example, you can go from something romantic, to something a little edgier, like this zebra print dress. Fashion is so fun, oui?! Showing off your animalistic side is always very liberating and fun, and this dress in particular has some great, unusual, extra detail on the back that I find really interesting!

5. Again, because the theme of this summer for me, seems to be that I want to pretend I live in Hawaii… I can’t get enough of these tropical prints. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for these to happen, and now they’re here, I can’t get enough – which is unfortunate because nothing spells “broke” quite like being a freshly graduated university student! Sob sob.

6. This cute little striped number rather reminds me of a modern-update of Jean Seberg’s iconic Dior creation in Breathless. The film is a testament to the fact that that the perfect striped dress can be really timeless, and I think this one would be a great wardrobe addition for years to come, for that very reason!

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