Music TeleVision

Glitter Jacket & Pleated Skirt Charity Shop
MTV Vest Top & Kitty Flats eBay

I suppose this outfit post is a testament to how much my shopping habits have changed over the past couple of years! I really enjoy charity shopping, and have found some great pieces during my time at university. I suppose being a student, and having to be thrifty (being on a fashion course, and giving up shopping completely is realllllly hard, when your constant focus is clothing!) gets you looking in new places for fashion fixes that won’t break the bank! You can get way more for your money by shopping this way, which unfortunately is probably why my wardrobe is seemingly bursting at the seams, haha. Its also true to say that most of my favourite items are charity shop finds.

I would definitely recommend charity shopping to everyone, because as I also found out on a recent visit, some stores like Tesco now donate clothing, which means you can find brand new pieces sometimes for really great prices. Bargain, right?!

I also find myself shopping more and more on eBay these days – I’m of the belief that anything you can find on the high street, you can find cheaper on eBay, and so it has kind of become my ‘go to’ for certain items. Also, I love that you can search for exactly what you want, rather than having to search shops endlessly… who’d have thought that we’d have become so lazy, even where shopping is concerned? When did shopping become a chore?? Haha : )

I’m going to be doing a post in the next week or so on some money saving shopping methods, so I suppose this is a little taster of that! These photos were taken by my friend Charlie, who will be helping me out with picture taking from time to time now I’m living back in Somerset – the whole tripod method gets me quite flustered at times, and being a bit of a perfectionist, the photos seem to come out better if someone else is snapping for you!

3 thoughts on “Music TeleVision

  1. I love this outfit on you, perfect colour combo! The pieces are all cool, everything’s put together so well!
    Also I totally agree on everything you say about thrift shopping and Ebay – I have exactly the same opinion and tactics – and yes my wardrobe bursts too 😉

  2. your hair color is awesome!! it really suits you!

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