The Bloggers Market

Last month, a plethora of us bloggers and fashion lovers alike gathered at The Hoxton Holborn to grab some bargains, Krispy Kremes, music and fun for a truly unique London Sunday Funday! With loads of goodies to choose from, I was only too happy to grab myself some new garb and to have a little chat with some of my bloggy friends, and to spend time in a wonderfully and thoughtfully decor’d location.

The Hoxton Holborn combines eclectic delights with ‘I could happily move in here’ comfort, and a level of style and understated grungy-ish-grandeur that is wholely inviting and unintimidating. To put it simply, if my house looked like that, I would not be upset about it. With great little details floating around on the bookshelves, such as cute little bookend letters, lovingly battered Penguin Originals and bursts of mix and match artwork, it felt somewhat like a little treasure hunt that kept presenting fun little surprises. Perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to sample a room for myself for the night! I’m sure it would be a real treat.

As for myself, let me tell you, trying to pose on a chair wearing a very tight skirt, is not the easiest of things! Other bloggers make it look so easy. So apologies if I look any kind of strange in the first photo. It also turned out that my camera was having a little bit of mind game fun with me throughout, playing ‘I will focus on what I want, not what you tell me to!’ – I’m actually really lucky I came away with any photos at all. Oops! I have to thank April for spotting this on my display screen and sorting it out for me; I was much too distracted by all of the goings on around me to have noticed! I feel as if she may get an honourable mention every post at this rate…

As for my outfit, I have been told I look ‘so 90s!’ in one of the photos from the event. I think I can probably thank my scrunchie for that. I am enjoying them very much at the moment, in a guilty pleasure type way, and also in a ‘Yay! It’s socially acceptable to wear scrunchies again!’ kind of way too. I also enjoy the fact that they’re an inexpensive little accessory, because life in London, with that little fashionista devil sitting on my shoulder, is not easy.

Kudos to the ladies for putting on a great afternoon, and here’s to the next one!

Dress – F&F // Crop Top – New Look // Ankle Boots – eBay // Scrunchie – eBay